Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Cufflinks

I am now making cufflinks with a more attractive and elegant backing. This cufflink is easy to put into place and stays put. It also looks very nice and polished on the underside.

I have been enjoying making cufflinks for a few years now. In fact, I met my husband (who was a customer at the Shadow Art Fair a few years ago) by trying to sell him a pair of cufflinks! He bought a necklace for his niece instead, but now happily wears my cufflinks and his own men's necklace (see an earlier blog post - showing a customer wearing a necklace like my husband's).

Men enjoy my jewelry and glasswork because it's colorful, yet clean in design. I mix vibrant colors with more subdued shades of gray to make it more wearable for men. They also seem to enjoy hearing how it is made and the scientific aspects of glasswork. I had one gentleman stop at my booth at the Royal Oak show and tell me how my colors and circle shapes reminded him of the radio halo of the element, polonium. Here is the photo he e-mailed t me to illustrate this. I really enjoyed this comparison! It does resemle the way I layer my bands of glass in larger and smaller bands.

At the same show - Royal Oak Clay, Glass, and Metal, another gentleman custom ordered a pair of cufflinks to match a shirt he had. This is the pair of cufflinks I made for him and this is what he had to say after receiving them:
"The cufflinks are perfect and look totally awesome on
the blue Rufus dress shirt!! Thanks again for all of
your creative efforts on my behalf. Excellent workmanship
and then some." Walter, Bloofield Hills, MI

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