Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Art Fairs - Part Two - Saugatuck Shows

I was fortunate to do the two July Saugatuck art fairs. The first one was the Waterfront Invitational Art Fair on July 4 and the second one was the Village Square Art Fair on July 25. For the first Saugatuck show, I made some minor changes to my display that made a big difference. I made new table coverings! Here is how my display looks with the new table coverings!

This was a great show. We had great weather and I was very pleased with the customers' response to my jewelry.

Last weekend, I went back to Saugatuck for the Village Square show. I was surprised and pleased to see a lot of customers I'd met at previous shows, including the previous Saugatuck show. One customer, who (along with his wife) met me at the Royal Oak show, ran into my husband who was picking up lunch for me. He noticed my husband's necklace (which my husband has worn since I made it for him over two years ago) and recognized the work. My husband told him my booth number. Soon, he and his wife stopped by and he purchased a similar necklace. I was so pleased. I had originally designed this necklace, a small circle necklace with various shades of gray on the oxidized chain, for men. Since then, though I have sold a number of similar necklaces to men, mostly women have purchased the "men's necklaces" for themselves. This gentleman was kind enough to allow me to photograph him wearing his new necklace!


Sunbasilgarden said...

What a neat story about the mens necklace! I have not stopped wearing the green circle earrings I purchased from you. My signature look. Love to show them off.

That aqua really makes your display pop. Gorgeous!

Joyfulgrrl Jewelry by Kelly Hoffman said...

You have done a really nice job with your display! I hope you have enjoyed the summer shows. Stop by and say hi in Milford, I am booth 75.

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry said...

Thank you Sunbasilgarden! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying the earrings!

Thanks Kelly! It was fun hanging out with you in Milford. Wow-what a difficult show with the weather, but we made it thru. I hope you are getting some rest now.