Monday, August 17, 2009

Ann Arbor Sunday Artisans Market

Yesterday I exhibited at the Sunday Artisans Market in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is how my booth looked at the market. Now that my shows are over for the month and I only have one scheduled in September I'm planning on being at the Market every Sunday that I can. If you are wondering when I will be there next or when my next show will be, please check my show schedule on my website.

I had a wonderful time yesterday. Sales were great and I met some very talented and friendly artists. The morning was busy and I sold my first three pieces before I finished setting up. There was added excitement that morning because the walkers from the Breast Cancer 3-Day were coming into town and cheering as they passed by.

I met another jewelry artist, Marta England (shown on the right), whose work I admire! Check out her Etsy store. She is also a regular exhibitor at the market.

My 11 year old son has been helping me at shows and I was pleased that he came with me to the market. His job is to watch my stuff while I unload and man the booth while I take bathroom breaks, get food, etc. After I was all set up, he mentioned being hungry. I gave him a ten dollar bill and sent him into the bakery to get something for breakfast. He came back carrying two ice cream cones and a bag of what turned out to be a box of cones and the remainder of a pint of ice cream. I guess the bakery owners were kind enough to help him scoop the ice cream into cones. I was not entirely pleased at his breakfast choices, but I guess I need to be more specific about what he is allowed to buy. I think my son had a really nice time. He enjoyed meeting the other vendors. One woman spent a few hours with him making origami. He wants to come back with me next week!

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