Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Studio Space

A few months ago, my amazing husband expanded my studio space to three times its size! It is now so much more efficient. I have an area for each part of the process of making the jewelry, getting it ready to ship, or staging the jewelry to prepare for shows. Here are some photos of my studio in use...I didn't attempt to clean it up too much for these photos. Above is the area where I make my beads and make the silver settings. I also do various stages of the assembly here.Above is the area where I do the cleaning and packaging of my jewelry. I also prepare packages for shipping in this area. Below is the area where I organize my displays for my show. It's not really set up now, but it will be later next week as I prepare for my next show of the season: Etsy at the Market in the Kerrytown Market in Ann Arbor.

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vonna said...

Can I rent your husband?